Training rules

What are HL cosmetics?
• Dermatologists with the help of HL cosmetics treat acne of mild, moderate, severe severity, pigmentation of any origin. They are implementing new methods of agerelated and anti-age therapy.
• plastic surgeons prepare the skin as well as restore it after surgery with HL preparations.
• Quality proven over the years - 40 years on the professional cosmetics market. Own research institutes in Europe and Israel. HL cosmetics are not tested on animals. Own patents and inventions. 
Why do you need to study?  
• In order to be able to work efficiently and safely, on professional HL treatments, as well as to correctly select products for home care.
• To get the status of a partner. (Purchase of products at prices for specialists, media and information support, access to training materials) 
Who are we teaching? 
We train professionals (certified specialists in the field of cosmetology or massage), namely:
• cosmetologists with secondary or higher medical education
• massage therapists with secondary or higher medical education
• cosmetologists-aesthetists without medical education.
• massage therapists and spa specialists 
Professional certification (what if you are already working on HL cosmetics?) 
Previously, there was no HL training center in Cyprus. Experts received their knowledge in different countries and at different times. Many product lines have changed significantly, new and more advanced products have appeared, the protocols for procedures have changed. 
• Bring your knowledge to the most modern requirements of HL cosmetics to achieve the maximum positive result of your work!
• For the safety of the health of your patients.
• To be able to assemble competent home care that works. 
What do you need to do to get started? 
• Complete basic training (5 lessons).
• Purchase an initial set of prof. products. 
• For spa professionals and professional massage therapists there is a separate training program (1 lesson) - allowing you to work with the HL body lines. 
How is the training carried out? Training is conducted on the basis of the clinic of Doctor Polishko, in person. Each of the blocks includes both theoretical and practical parts.  For each of the blocks the following is provided:

• Theoretical material
• Protocols of basic procedures
• Calculation of the cost and profitability of each procedure

Each block is read separately! From 9.00 to 17.30 with a lunch break. 
• upon completion of training (each block), a corresponding certificate of an HL specialist is issued.
• You can take training in any order.